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"I just want to say the MuteMagic works pretty well. Although not 100%, it's nice to reduce the amount of inane dialouge of most commercials. they are so idiotic they rile me. one can always look-away from commercials, but you can't shut your ears off!
great job!

Randolf P."

"This MuteMagic box is far from perfect, and we are astounded that we have come to seriously rely on it. When we forget its disabled, we are startled when we hear a commercial.

The Mutes are great, the Unmutes are about 50% accurate, usually a little late; on really long commercial breaks a little early. When it was late, we would unmute manually, but then we started waiting, and came to realize that it would usually unmute in a few seconds. We have never had it not unmute.  All in all, it’s a well-spent 35 bucks, well actually that’s closer to 100, as we have three of them. Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom.

Jose & Vanessa Sacramento, CA"

"I usually record almost everything on my DVR and then zip through the commercials. I bought this box strictly out of curiosity, as I love electronic gadgets.  It’s really cool to have it just mute the commercials if I am watching TV in real time (like the news), I don’t have to do anything. When a commercial I want to see comes on, I just un-mute it manually.  Sometimes the box un-mutes a little late or early and I might miss a word or two of program, but I don’t mind that. The IR and Mic wires needed to be positioned just right and it took some doing at first, but once it’s done, it’s done.  I still zip through most commercial breaks, but MuteMagic is very convenient (no hands!), even for viewing recorded stuff.

Judy Covina, CA"

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