Made in the USA 
by All American Gadgets Inc.

Dimensions:  5.25 X 2.75 X 0.9 inches
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     Detects and Mutes most TV Commercials

           $39.95 Includes Free Shipping and Handling


A Composite Video Output (usually a yellow jack located on your set top box, and labeled Video) is absolutely required for this device to function. If you do not have one, this device will be of no use to you.

 The logic behind MM 

Television broadcasters have a vested interest in seeing that their program material and the commercial material that pays their bills are not easily differentiated. Advertisers would probably also prefer that their commercials, for which they have paid a lot of money to get on air, not be muted when they are shown. 

We understand this; however commercial breaks have become longer, and are shown more frequently in today’s television broadcasts; muting them is second nature to many people. 

While prerecording on a DVR allows you to fast-forward through these annoying interludes, if you are watching live programs in real time, you are out of luck. Even using the fast-forward method requires you to initiate and cancel the action to avoid them. 

This MM unit makes an attempt to differentiate between program and commercial material, and mute your TV or audio device during the commercial break period. 

MM is far from perfect, and it may take you 15 minutes or so to set it up, as you must connect a few cables and position a miniature Microphone and an IR Diode. 

Remember, setup it is a one-time event, and we are confident that once you complete it, you will thoroughly enjoy the benefits of MM for a
long long time.





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